HughesNet Authorized Retailer

David Shumway

My name is David Shumway and I was born in Waverly, NY. I have two siblings and have lived in Orange, VA for the past 14 years. My family consist of my wife, three children, five grandchildren, and three cats. I have been working in the satellite industry for 16 years and have been with Oracle Satellite for 2 year and 6 months. My all time role model is my parents because even after loosing two sons they have stayed strong. I specialize in the following; Trained in Enterprise Internet Systems, SME Systems, Direct TV Installations, HN 7000 Installations and repairs, HN 9000 Installation and repair, HN 9200 installs and repair and HT 1000 and 1100 installs and repair. TV antenna install and repair, Networking multiple computer systems for both Enterprise and residential and have been certified as a trainer of HughesNet installers.