HughesNet Authorized Retailer

Mrs. Waters

How refreshing it is to see personal follow up. I apologize for it taking so long to respond but I’ve been extra busy enjoying having internet access again! After five weeks of the worst customer service experience of my life, I am so thrilled to have found ya’ll.

The fellas who came out yesterday were the best! David and Mike both were friendly but professional, seemed to really know their jobs and today I am happily back at work, so they were my heroes of the day yesterday! I’d highly recommend ya’ll to anyone and everyone who will listen…and plan to do plenty of that with a secret goal of running *********** right out of town 😉

Not really…tho if it happens we will all be better off. Seriously….they do call me the “mouth of the south” cuz of my tendency to brag about great services and products so I will be referring lots of folks to you. Thanks for running a business as it should be run! Well done and I am a very happy customer! Enjoy your evening!